May 21st ISAPI Rewrite Upgrade to V3

This evening we have upgraded our servers and any domains which were using ISAPI Rewrite V2 to ISAPI Rewrite V3.Which brings lots of new features and makes it even easier to use linux mod_rewrite rules on windows. httpd.ini has now been removed from domains using ISAPI Rewrite and convered to the V3 file version .htaccess which is located in ... Read More »

Aug 16th Smartermail has been upgraded to v4.3

This morning we have upgraded SmarterMail to v4.3 this brings many new features and fixes such as: SmarterMail will now display status icons for all messages. There is a unique icon for unread, read, replied and forwarded messages.SmarterMail will now parse "WinMail.dat" attachments from Outlook.Improved efficiency when sorting the ... Read More »

Aug 6th Onesmarthost Affiliate Scheme

Our new Affiliate scheme is a great way to start earning money How it Works Joining our affiliate scheme is free of charge and you will receive a £10 signup bonus in your account straight away. We also supply a range of banner and button's to place on your Website. When a visitor to your website clicks on any of these banners they are sent ... Read More »

Jan 25th Smartermail V4 is now available

During the weekend we upgraded our Mail Server from Mail Enable to Smarter Mail Pro v4 Smarter mail brings many rich features to Smart Hosting the web mail interface is much more friendly and easier to use If you have not already seen our web mail system you can log into In Addition to upgrading to Smarter ... Read More »

Oct 30th php5 is now available!

We are pleased to announce that PHP v5 is now available on Smart Hosting, we completed the install last night. All domains will run PHP v4 as a default. If you wish to switch to PHP v5 simply do the following: Log into HelmClick domains and click your domain nameClick Advanced Domain OptionsClick PHP VersionSelect PHP5 from the drop down menu ... Read More »

Aug 6th Onesmarthost is expanding

We have just purchased two brand new Dell Power Edge Servers and will shortly be setting them up and having them hosted in London Redbus Data centre.

This is an exciting opportunity for shosting, we will be splitting our current server load across the two to introduce load balancing