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Nobody likes Spam or viruses especially us at Onesmarthost, this is why all our email is processed by a dedicated Mail Foundry appliance to ensure the email which reaches your inbox is as clean as possible.

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Onesmarthost News

Here you can find the latest news from Onesmarthost.co.uk

20th August 2012 - Notice SmarterMail Upgrade to Version 10

We would like to let you know that we plan to perform a software upgrade of our email server on Saturday 25th August between 07:00 - 07:30 GMT.

19th September 2011 - SmarterMail Upgrade

This morning we have updated our smartermail server to the latest enterprise version: 8.2.4212 which contains various bug fixes to the smartermail server.

3rd February 2011 - Mail Server Upgraded to Smartermail V7

We have just successfully completed the upgrade of our mail server to Smartermail V7 Enterprise, the email server was offline for approximately 20 minutes during the upgrade.

14th January 2010 - Domain Renewal Group

It has been brought to our attention that some customers are receiving letters from a company called Domain Renewal Group, advising customers that their domain names are due to expire soon and that you should renew your domain name by filling out the form and attaching your credit / debit card details.

31st December 2009 - Website Stats Software Upgrade

SmarterStats v5 provides us with enhanced features such as SEO Campaigns, Mobile Phone Detection, SEO Reports plus much more..

23rd October 2009 - SmarterStats has been upgraded

This morning we have completed the upgrade of our existing SmarterStats Server to the latest version v4. SmarterStats v4 is a Web log analytics tool that delivers relevant, accurate and detailed Web site statistics to help businesses increase conversions and maximise ROI.

12th October 2009 - New Email Virus Scanner

Since using the new email virus scanner the One Smart Host email server has blocked 7,498 email viruses in the past ten days.

26th September 2009 - All Clear Notification

We have just received communication from our data centre Rapid Switch that the network issues have now been resolved.

25th September 2009 - Server Outages

The data centre where the Onesmarthost servers are located experienced a router failure today at 12:46, this affected the visibility of all Onesmarthost servers to the Internet including websites / databases and email

2nd September 2009 - SmarterMail Enterprise v6

This morning we have upgraded our Mail Server from SmarterMail Enterprise v5 to v6.1.

4th August 2009 - MySQL v5 Upgrade

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully upgraded the Onesmarthost database servers this evening to MySQL v5, during the upgrade period we have also upgraded all customer databases to MySQL v5.

31st July 2009 - New Helm Module ISAPI Rewrite

This morning we have installed a new feature in the Helm Control Panel, which will allow you to install the ISAPI Rewrite / Friendly URLs driver on your domain.

10th November 2008 - UK Charity Hosting 40% discount

UK Charity Hosting, 40% Discount for Charities or Non-Profit organisations.

22nd September 2008 - Enterprise level email now available

Email Server Upgrade - The Alternative to Exchange Hosting

21st May 2008 - ISAPI Rewrite Upgrade to V3

This evening we have upgraded our servers and any domains which were using ISAPI Rewrite V2 to ISAPI Rewrite V3.

Which brings lots of new features and makes it even easier to use linux mod_rewrite rules on windows.

httpd.ini has now been removed from domains using ISAPI Rewrite and convered to the

31th March 2008 - Support Helpdesk Information

We are pleased to annouce that we have setup a new support helpdesk.

16th August 2007

SmarterMail has been upgraded to v4.3 this brings many new features and fixes.

6th August 2007

Onesmarthost launches a new affiliate system.

25th January 2007 - Smartermail V4 is now available

During the weekend we upgraded our Mail Server from Mail Enable to Smarter Mail Pro v4.
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