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About Onesmarthost

Aaron Wardle launched Onesmarthost in January 2004 with the aim to provide reliable web hosting to family and friends, having spent years previously moving between different hosting companies due to problems / downtime and even some hosting companies that simply disappeared off the Internet.

Since 2004 Onesmarthost has grown from strength to strength. The power of “Word of Mouth” and our customer success stories has helped fuel our growth. Initially we started off by renting a single web server in America but due to our expanding customer base we decided to purchase our own servers in August 2006.

We currently own several Dell Servers which power the Onesmarthost business and all our customer websites. These are located in the Rapid Switch Data Centre in Berkshire, United Kingdom.

Our mission is to provide reliable and cost effective web hosting, with a minimum of 99.7% uptime per month (2 Hours, 13 Minutes and 55 Seconds Maximum downtime per month) along with the best support services possible. Not only will we host your website and email but we also strive to assist all our customers where possible. If you have a how to question just fire away or if you just need advice then let us know.


Meet The Team

Aaron Wardle

Aaron is quite possibly the first person you will reach when contacting Onesmarthost, as an effort to keep our costs down and support within the UK.

Aaron is a skilled server administrator with over 10 years of experience, and also is very skilled in programming in various languages such as PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, C#, Objective C, if you have a development question Aaron is always keen to help.

In his free time Aaron enjoys programming, cycling, swimming and all things fun.

Justin Liu

Justin has recently joined the Onesmarthost team in 2009 and currently back fills server support when Aaron is offline or on Holiday, Justin is now responsible for the Onesmarthost brand currently working on a new website design, along with content.

Justin is a skilled Graphic / Website designer with a solid understanding of Sever Support in his spare time he enjoys cycling, running and all things healthy.

Vicki Emms

Vicki joined the Onesmarthost team in 2007 and currently looks after the business accounts. Vicki is also responsible for the Onesmarthost billing system, new customer orders and ensuring all suppliers are paid on time.

In her spare time Vicki enjoys Yoga and skiing holidays where possible.
Included in every plan: Windows 2003, Helm, ASP.NET, MySQL, Wordpress, MODx, PHP
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